New mortgage, renewal or transfer your mortgage file in peace of mind and confidence
George Lulelaru
Chartered Real Estate and Mortgage Broker
tel. (514) 622-9503

I received a professional training, which includes courses in real estate law, real estate appraisal, the Real Estate Brokerage Act, real estate mathematics and drafting of contracts.

A skilled negotiator, I have many personal skills and I serve as a single point of access!

I rely on a wide network,  depending on your needs , I am negotiating with several financial institutions to find you the best mortgage product according to your profile and your needs

I have access to the most important and powerful tool, MLS®, which puts 13,000 agents to work for you!

By using the services provided by me, a member of the Greater Montréal Real Estate Board and the l’Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (O.A.C.I.Q.) you are surrounded by professionalism and peace of mind!

And when you think that all this costs nothing to buyers and sellers pay only if the transaction is finalized

When you talk with a representative of a bank, you talk to  representative of one bank; when you speak with me, you speak to your representative for all the banks ... almost. I'm here to offer you the best financing conditions for your new purchase or for the renewal of your mortgage, and that, according to your own profile. No, financial institutions have not all the same products to the same conditions and it is here where mortgage broker demonstrates its purpose , its crucial role in optimizing your transaction.